AWOL Academy Review – The Good and the Bad

You might have heard of AWOL Academy from their YouTube advertisements or one of their affiliates’ Facebook Ads.

You might have even attended one of the company presentations by their CEO and co-founder Keala Kanae and you’re on the fence about purchasing one of their courses.

Now you’re here because you want the real scoop on AWOL Academy, what it is, what they’re selling, and if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.

One major thing that makes this AWOL Academy review different than other AWOL Academy reviews is that I am not an affiliate of AWOL. I am however the beneficiary of their products and training.

Furthermore, I’m not just making this review in order to convince you to buy my products or join some other system.

So, I have no real financial incentive to convince you to join AWOL Academy or buy anything in particular.

I just want to give you the facts and present what I have found to be true from my experience in order to give you a real idea of what AWOL Academy is really about.

Official AWOL Academy Review by Michael Pressley

When I asked myself what I would want to know before purchasing a product from AWOL Academy I narrowed it down to just a few important topics:

1. Who are the Founders?
2. Are the Products Worth the Price?
3. How to Know if AWOL Academy is for You
4. Is AWOL Academy a Scam or the Real Deal?

AWOL Academy Founders

picture of Keala Kanae speaking on stage
Keala Kanae

In my experience, what happens at the top of an organization always trickles down to the bottom. Richard Branson said it best, “The fastest way to destroy an organization is with gossip and unkindness within company leadership.”

If you’re going to purchase an intangible product from a company like AWOL Academy you have to know what values are important to the company founders and leadership.

kameron george with sunglasses on
Kameron George

I’ve known Keala Kanaeand Kameron George now for several years as we ran in the same circles, and I’ve had the unique pleasure of getting to know them ‘behind the curtain’ in their daily lives.

Kam and Keala created AWOL Academy from a place of true service. This much is obvious in how they’ve structured AWOL Academy and in their personal actions. They really put their customers first and spent the first year and a half sort of underground making sure their product suite, training, support, and mentorship was top-notch before rolling it out to the public.

They sacrificed what could have been millions upon millions of dollars in revenue to make sure that people are getting everything they need to succeed with their curriculum.

Finally, they’ve surrounded themselves with a stellar and seasoned executive team that will ensure the company lasts for years to come. So, even though they don’t personally have experience running a large organization, they have a team of advisors who have in the past.

AWOL Academy Product Review

When I first looked at the AWOL Academy product line it seemed like a dream come true. An end-to-end marketing and business education that cut out all the distractions and focused on what every online business owner desires:

More leads, more sales, more money

That’s why you’re in business, right?

But when I saw more and more videos and testimonials like the one below, I started to wonder if the hype was real.

Are the products worth the money? Will I get a solid ROI on my education with AWOL Academy?

Knowing that Keala Kanae and Kameron George are the real deal, I decided to purchase their introductory products and get started with AWOL 101 and Pro Academy.

I was blown away.

I got so much clarity for myself from the deep dive questionnaire that I felt empowered and motivated to move forward in a way that I never have before in my online business.

What really sets AWOL Academy apart from the rest is that even though everyone has access to the same courses and material, you receive a customized plan for you during your one on one time with their coaches.

My coach helped me brainstorm what I could create with where I’m currently at, taking into consideration my budget and my schedule. Then he helped me put together a blueprint that I could follow in tandem with the pre-recorded training so that I could move forward with total clarity.

All of this for just their introductory products… I think I got more out of that experience than entire weekends at costly seminars or working with other coaches in the past.

I eventually went through their other products too, including:

– Inbox Academy
– Traffic Academy
– Conversion Academy
– Masters Academy

After going through each of these products it was obvious to me that they really thought of everything. They made is so easy for the brand new person to get started and understand the material because it’s not just marketing theory, it’s based on practical application.

For instance, most of the modules are over-the-shoulder screen share training with Keala where he guides you through everything click by click so you can go at your own pace.

At the same time, folks who have been doing internet marketing for years will learn new things they’ve never heard before or considered applying to their business.

AWOL Academy does an amazing job of meeting you where you are and taking your internet marketing prowess to the next level.

If you pay attention, take immediate action, and make the proper adjustments as you go, I have no doubt that you can create a 6 or even 7-figure business from scratch using their information.

How Do You Know if AWOL Academy is for You?

First of all, because of the way AWOL Academy is set up – you can start earning money as a digital freelancer today even if you don’t have a business.

So business or no business, the information at AWOL Academy will be relevant to every person who desires to earn a living via the internet.

Second, if you don’t have the patience to dedicate several hours a day to go through the information and apply it for at least 3-6 months – there’s no point in purchasing the AWOL Academy products.

What Kam and Keala are teaching you is a skill set that will pay you for years to come. It takes time to develop that skill set even though they give you every piece of information you need to master it. There are no shortcuts. I say this candidly if you want to make money fast on the internet and you have never done so before… you might be better off just getting a job.

Finally, the products aren’t ‘cheap’. To purchase all their programs individually it’s about $5,000. For most people, that’s a lot.

When you compare that to a college education, it’s a bargain because the skill sets of digital marketing and online sales can put money in your pocket even while you’re still learning.

For those who are serious about making a ‘career change’ and becoming an entrepreneur, there’s no better place to spend your money on education. For the seasoned entrepreneur who wants to scale using the internet, the cost of the program is outweighed by the potential upside.

Is AWOL Academy a Scam?

When I think of a scam, I think of college.

Seriously, hear me out for a second.

When you go to college, you accumulate thousands upon thousands of dollars of debt. You get a degree in some field that will hopefully get you a decent job. But you don’t really learn how to make money.

Most of the time you finish your degree and you take a super low paying job with the intention of working your way up so that you can eventually pay off your student loans years later.

For doctors, as an example, it’s even worse. You spend years in school unable to generate a return on investment for your education until AFTER you’ve completed it.

With the information contained inside of even AWOL Academy’s basic products, you could turn around and get a consulting gig with a small business in your town this week.

Now, I think the reason most people would call AWOL Academy a scam is because there’s always another level of training that’s available to purchase.

What you have to keep in mind is that if you are patient, you can make money and develop your skills at any level that you can afford. Nobody is forcing you to invest more money to get more training. So stop calling it a scam just because they’re making more offers to give people the chance to accelerate their growth.

You don’t get mad when McDonald’s asks you, “Would you like fries with that?” right?

The old saying is true, you get what you pay for. If you want to try to get everything for free, you will spend months trying to piece everything together on your own. Or, you could jump on the fast track with AWOL Academy and dramatically shrink the learning curve.

Summary of this AWOL Academy Review

If you’re looking to streamline your online marketing education and get everything you need to succeed in one place – AWOL Academy is a great place to call home.

You can jump in wherever you want, and play at your own pace.

The founders Kameron George and Keala Kanae have created a stellar product suite that really empowers business owners from all backgrounds to succeed online and apply their training in multiple ways.

As with anything in this space, it’s only worth the money if you take it seriously and get your hands dirty.

Bottom line – AWOL Academy rocks. Everything they do continues to impress and improve over time and they’re setting a new standard for how they serve the online community and aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

Check them out on social media and do your due diligence before joining to make sure AWOL Academy is the right fit for you!

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