AWOL Academy Customer Testimonial from Mary Hamilton

Before I ever saw this … Well, I have a business degree in management but I haven’t used it for the last 18 years because I’ve been raising my eight kids, so when I wanted to get back into making some money online I found these guys and I jumped right in. I went for Elite, I’m not one of those piecemeal people, so I just buy right from the get-go because I didn’t want to be left out of anything. And I also wanted the weekly one-on-one time with the guys so I can get some review from them and their feedback. And also from all the people that you learn. It’s such a positive community, you get … You know, it’s like getting two teachers but then a lot of people who … Or a lot of mentors because everyone is learning as they go down the training as well. So, it’s really cool.

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